How old is joe SEO

 How old is joe SEO

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Not age 8, but who do you know now. (Photo source:

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Oh, when you were younger, you loved to think you were the cool kid. Now you know what it’s like, to be seen as “one of the kids”. The whippersnapper, the callow, your future. What are you waiting for, here are some ideas that will change your life?

Find your happy place

One of the main problems that kids have is that they expect the adults around them to be “right”. In other words, they expect others to shape themselves and change the environment that they are in. And in reality, there are often various adjustments in order to help people be better versions of themselves. 

Find your people and build the people that you enjoy with them, and other people get to enjoy it too. Find your own happier place and define it by your own particular and unique person. That is your own happy place.

Take up unconventional sports

Once you are out of your “norm”, you’ll need the in your “norm” to get you back up again. Anthropologists have estimated that it takes humans ~80 years to grow out of cultures that espouse stereotypical personality traits. This can happen by nature for those who are eager to evolve, or it can also happen through culture, as you change with your culture. 

How old is joe SEO
 How old is joe SEO

You may find that you are more comfortable with sports in your youth than you are in middle age, and it’s often easier for sports to bring about that change than it is for changes in culture. Instead of indulging your tastes in traditional sports, take up an unconventional sport, and that’s pretty much any sport that encourages you to mix your work with play. And do whatever you can to participate in all sports that interest you, as it’s not hard to find people that can be very willing to help.

Build a network of friends

You don’t need special conditions or objectives in order to make new friendships. Perhaps you don’t have a lot of friends, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a network of friends. You probably have a smaller network of friends when you were younger, because you weren’t out looking for social interaction and friendship. Now, you know what’s nice about friendships. 

They can remind you to be kind and supportive to your friends. Also, a network of friends gives you an easy way to meet new people and people to make new friends with. Find your friends who are looking for new friends, and make new friends with them. Your network is going to be limited until you do some real friendships. 

As you get older, start to get into sports and even friends with people, it will be hard to find new friends, because you will be so busy focusing on helping to run the family that you won’t have the time to make friends with people who you’re playing against.

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