Will the CBS soaps be shown on another affiliate?


Will the CBS soaps be shown on another affiliate?

I think it’s safe to say most of us have never been on a soap before. We’ve always heard them described as daytime dramas and that we’d rather watch them when we’re asleep.

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  • I’ve watched my fair share of “just being a kid” shows, but no soap ever made me giggle like My Sister & Mine did. It was so relatable because you were getting a glimpse into what kids must feel like. And why they didn’t just leave their little box in the attic and forget about it. Because you have to learn how to live with these situations and this person who is different.
  • And then there are those who get upset at the sight of you, they find everything wrong with you or it makes you look bad because your hair looks shaggy or the way you talk doesn’t sound right. You know, those ones who hate themselves. That you are wrong, you are unlovable, you don’t deserve this, you should be ashamed of yourself, I am wrong. They are all correct.
  • But do you ever have to watch an adult tell another adult of their mistakes? Or your own? Do you ever have to sit there, trying to process what someone else is going through? Of course not. If anything, you can just keep scrolling down for some more “just the best for kids”. It isn’t like that. Most people have very few (if any) friends who understand what a thing or two they have to go through.

So if it’s one of your loved ones’ favorite children shows then you can tell them

you’ll get that part out of your system that knows that they are important enough to warrant it for others who may not understand the language. For many of you though, you will just skip past the episode and move on. Just so long. Your day.

So why would anyone watch a show where you actually empathize with said subject? Why would someone watch one in which they had to watch hours upon hours while they held back tears? It might be because you want to escape from reality. In an attempt to distract yourself from all the real life problems that you are experiencing, you turn your attention to something that might help. But let me tell you something… If she has all the answers, then maybe she is not looking for help.

She wants more. More money, more time, and more happiness. Why would she need help? Does she have so much time on her hands? Is her body hurting? Could she afford to take the time required to heal? Did she need physical assistance? No, so why?

For people like Jaxon

they don’t know why other kids don’t want to see their parents cry. Maybe because they are too big to bear that. Not for anyone else but themselves, I assume. But for the sake of all those parents who want to see their children grow up too quickly, they try to sneak away from the truth by pretending to have nothing for the world to judge them by. To be a good parent, they hide behind the lies they are told, the things they say, and the actions they go through to make themselves seem better than they really are.

And yes, a lot of them pretend to love their families, but that is not love. Love happens between couples, and it can happen between father-daughter relationships. The fact that she knows now and understands now that she still loves him is amazing. Because she knows that love is not limited to those who have kids, it can be found in those same relationships, friendships, marriages, and so many more places. And yes, even when a child does not understand what love is, she also understands the true meaning of it that comes from within.

And that is exactly where it ends. Whether she sees his flaws, loves his stubbornness, likes his personality, or any of the other qualities that are necessary to make him a loving man, it is the only thing that matters. The only thing that matters. Because if he is truly loving in the eyes of someone else – then so be it.

We all have things we wish we could do better

Some things we wish we could do better are those things that were not available in our childhood and the times that we should never have spent. When we grew up, those opportunities became scarce to us. There is too much that happened that we wish we could change… We all wish we could do better but we never do. It takes a lifetime, sometimes a couple of decades, and sometimes it means holding on to what could have been a whole new chapter.

But I do hope, however, that as you read this, you know it too. Even after a while, I hope you can remember what that whole feeling was like. How much you enjoyed watching that scene when the dad said that he wanted to hold it forever. Remember his words? Even the moment he looked over his shoulder to check that she was still there. He felt that she wanted that part of him to last forever.

He loved her

It seemed like he was holding her tight in each instance that she needed this. He was holding her for months, years, and never letting go. Never stopping. Never giving up. Just as our mother taught us to. Only a woman knew, she knew what it meant to lose you first. It meant everything for him to not have her. Knowing she was not there for him meant everything in the world for him.

All love. Yes. What he wanted was to give it all she could give. But that would come at a great cost to both of them. A lifetime of emotional pain. Physical pain. Mental pain. Financial pain. Time spent. Money. Relationships. Hope. Dreams. Failure.

He used them as a crutch. Then he came to the realization it wasn’t him. Because she loved him. Everything she did, she did with passion. Especially when her husband came into her life. Because when her husband came in she changed completely. She became stronger. Better. Faster. Able to deal with everything her husband threw at her.

As the days went past and they continued to grow closer they realized the truth

His needs were met with everything she was able to provide. While the kids would say it was unfair to him he would try to keep them from seeing what a horrible mistake they had made. Lying that they loved him more than the time they spent together, that they could get anything they wanted. That they could make more money. Because of the constant lies they lived with every day knowing deep down that it was him who made them miserable. It was him who created nightmares. It was him who brought them down. It was him that they fell to.

Will the CBS soaps be shown on another affiliate?
Will the CBS soaps be shown on another affiliate?

When they finally left that bedroom with the lights off and realized that night they made the decision to never see him again, knowing that everything he had done was to make sure they never see another such moment. Nothing they had done will ever compare to the memories and feelings they shared that night. Only one memory will stand to stand to take place at these moments again. Their final goodbye, their last breath. One memory will be more than enough to endure all those years. The last kiss. The last embrace. Those simple moments. Moments that taught them to love.

In spite of all of the hurt and hurt he had caused them they stayed with him for a season more

  • They did not allow him to change who he was. Although they tried he knew how to keep himself. He learned how to disguise who he really was by living a lie as well as a lie. With those lies he made them fall like broken glass. But because they believed he was better than who he said he was, they trusted him. And they loved him. The way they did.
  • I guess that is the problem. They did love him. Until he couldn’t provide them the kind of love that they needed. Because he lost the way that was supposed to make them happy. The ways in which he used their unconditional love for him. By using them for his own purposes. By using them until he ran out of things to use them for. He ran out of a reason to care about them.
  • But no matter why. Because they saw that. And so did I. Because I would never allow myself to live without love. It was my duty as a parent to keep them close enough so that I could have them close enough so that I could do what I had to do in order to have them happy. Because I knew that that is what they needed. They needed me to love them well and then I would be able to do whatever it took.

So I will be honest

I cried a bit when I saw the story about how the character made it that far. It made me tear a piece of paper in half and write three letters before they passed. I cried myself to sleep at night.

But eventually I stopped. They died before any of us could even begin to imagine life without them. And then they lived before we really even wanted to. After they died I allowed myself to take stock. I saw where my heart was at. The guilt that I knew I would only one day face, and that I would have to suffer for my decisions and my actions.

This realization hit me harder than anything I have ever seen in my entire life. It was like a giant weight was lifted from my shoulders. Like my brain was blown apart. At that moment, I started having dreams. They weren’t easy to go through, especially since they usually had themes related to death. But the nightmare of losing them taught me a greater lesson about love and kindness. And that I have to show these characters for

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