Marques Brownlee, BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ Rev Up auto Content Partnership 2021

Marques Brownlee, BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ Rev Up auto Content Partnership

YouTube technical school titan Marques Brownlee, higher familiar to his thirteen million subscribers as Mkbhd, has been familiar to dabble in supercar reviews aboard his regular tech-focused programming having launched AN car Focus series on his channel in 2018, that has provided a glimpse below the hood at Tesla’s, Porsches, McClaren’s, and additional across six episodes to this point.

Now, Brownlee has caught the attention of Prime Gear, the BBC’s long auto-focused magazine and hit automobile review TV series, that has tapped the creator to function AN skilled voice among the electrical automobile area.

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Brownlee 1st appeared on prime Gear’s YouTube channel yesterday — that counts seven.8 million subscribers to debate the new Audi Rs e-Tron G aboard prime Gear magazine editor Jack Rix. That said, it seems as if he can preponderantly be conducive to the magazine within the kind monthly written electrical and hybrid automobile reviews.


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