How does one learn this power?

 How does one learn this power?

In the last section, I have analyzed a great example of empathy learning in The Nun that was written by Oscar Wilde. In this story, the protagonist becomes a prostitute after being wounded in a battle.

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How does one learn this power?

During the second section of the story, the prostitute is being strangled and she knows she could kill the man, but she decides not to because she wants to remain socially rewarded. During this time, the mob demanding justice is going in the streets and harassing innocent people. 

When they are struggling in the streets, the mob sees the woman on the street whom they take pity on and assume that she is the killer. In these circumstances, the mob thinks that it is better to hurt the woman in order to stop the killings. The nun even empathizes with the mob, which is why she decides to use her body to remove the angry mob out of the streets.

How does one learn this power meme?

In my opinion, the concept of empathy learning can be applied to most scenarios like this one. Some situations where it would be helpful are when the angry mob is present in the streets. Whenever there is danger such as when mobs throw bottles at each other than asking one to defend the innocent people is a good idea.

When people are going to inflict harm on other people such as if they use weapons, gloves, etc. then they should use the services of a qualified and expert technician like a priest. 

is there a way to learn this power

Besides, in cases when there is an unequal distribution of the fruits such as giving fruits from any individual or not treating people equally, they should use “experts” like doctors and not people like the nun.

Also, people can rely on AI like we do in computerized airplanes where we build a neural network to enable better processes instead of humans by which required data is collected from millions of data to reduce humans set this framework to produce above-average quality results.

is it possible to learn this power?

Speaking of applications of AI for AI, I would like to highlight the case of Alexa where it became possible to control the machine using natural language to ask her a range of questions that are of everyman. Different words (like “Good afternoon”) and other complicated numbers and concepts are encoded by saying and not my type. 

Now, how long it takes one to find the exact answer according to the volume of data or what it really means can be harmed or even affected the whole user experience. This example is exciting that in the future we can access this potential of AI like many other advancements.

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