Do online blogs make money?

In my research, I come to a single conclusion. Online blogs and social media platforms are making the world a better place. Having seen hundreds of startups, and then venture capitalists, people. And incubators over the last few years. I have gained an appreciation for. How crucial online tools are for making the startup ecosystem as rich and productive as it is today.

Online websites like AngelList. The startup equal to a social network and marketplace shifted millions of founders. Many of whom did not do any physical marketing or user acquisition. What online tools have done is give the potential founders of the future. The opportunity made me aware of early adopters. And early adopters that believe in them before they are well-established.

Next, the younger people involved in online services. Getting an opportunity to learn the business from an early age. The connection and feedback they get are invaluable. As users, we do rarely engage with our friends and family as well as we would like. Do online blogs make money.

The next generation is getting the chance to connect with their friends and family. In a way that people from my generation have never had.
Do online blogs make money?
This should embrace marketplaces and social media companies focusing on making this happen. That way, they will be creating the next generation. New entrepreneurs are providing opportunities that nobody from my generation today. Do online blogs make money?

There is one piece that stands out we do with online websites.

This is why we get a unique advantage to being early adopters. What could be a negative with online services and tools has become a positive. Because we involved, we are making and helping shape the future of the online world.

Companies like Medium, Blogger. Bloggers (itself a great platform) are making more money from online blogs. Then from traditional blogging platforms. In fact, for every $1 invested in Medium over the last few years, it has made $7 of profit. This is not surprising. It was very unlikely that a few years ago when blogs.
  • Were cheap that one would spend money on advertising to earn a few dollars for marketing. Most blogging platforms similar amount of money to blogs that already-large audiences.
  • But like in any market, it is the buyers that make the best money. Since bloggers like Medium have made more money than blogging platforms. The platform that offers the best advertising deals has become more appealing.
  • More and more users find that they can generate a better ROI by advertising on Medium. That’s what online tools do for startups. They make the possibility of making money online faster and more accessible.
Museums, magazines, and galleries rely on this process of turning ideas into money. Business schools teach about it. Startups teach about it. Social media platforms teach it. Do online blogs make money. The internet is changing our social interactions and now. it’s changing the way that we generate revenue.

But there is one major obstacle to the adoption of online tools:

turning online ideas into revenue. Because in this field, the early adopters are startups and social media sites. At is startups that are making the most money. If startups have money, they will use it to develop ideas and then make them more money. Do online blogs make money. And the reason that so many startups fail is that. They do not have any funding or customers to bring them to the next level.

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