What’s new in Christmas decorations for 2021?


What’s new in Christmas decorations for 2021?

12/12/2020 Kate Upton and husband Justin Hartley have some competition in the wrapping department … [+] in Los Angeles! Pictured: Avril Lavigne in her high school uniform.

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12/12/2020 Kate Upton and husband Justin Hartley have some competition in the wrapping department in Los Angeles! Pictured: Avril Lavigne in her high school uniform.

Get ready for a Christmas you won’t forget in years to come!

From a giant reindeer to gaudy multi-coloured lights, the world of festive get-ups will continue to get stranger in the months to come, as Christmas retailers fill our homes with it all for their customers.

From this time of year, shoppers can expect to see more than just the traditional Christmas tree, but the theme and decoration packs, trimmed trees, a whole galaxy of tiny lights and, of course, thousands upon thousands of twinkling lights, wherever they are on the street.

However, for many, Christmas decorations have always been a part of their childhood or a staple of the season for their family – if this is you, then rejoice! If not, take a look at the list below to see what is new for the festive season.

Christmas decorations are everywhere now

While the traditional Christmas tree still stands strong, take a look below to see what other decorations can be found around you this season.

1. Christmas tree or even a real-life tree?

If you’re about to be asked this question by a family member, the answer may come as a surprise.

What is a Christmas tree?

The classic Christmas tree might turn up on most Christmas lists in 2020, but this isn’t the case for every year.

This year, there will be more than just a tree this Christmas, with cheery reindeer decor, an edible wreath and, even, icicles!

Wreaths are now more popular than ever!

2. Attractive lights

One of the most popular options for Christmas trees this year has always been lights, with hardly any trees displaying a real tree.

There will also be more than your average lights this year in every town in the nation, in bags full of tinsel and messages.

Bars of gold and stars should also be on the door, waiting to brighten up your home.

3. Picture dialling

The world of decorations is divided into three separate categories: decoration, decoration kits and Christmas fashion.

All decorations can be made yourself, so no need to go anywhere shopping to get your hands on items.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the cat or dog out of the picture this year.

4. An artificial tree

The old-fashioned fashioned outdoor Winter Nights will make their return this season, though they have mostly dropped from the list of most recommended Christmas trees this year.

However, a wreath will be popular this year.

Get ready to do your bit for the environment!

5. Present-wrapping scrap paper

The Card Manufacturer Association of Australia (CMAA) advises that Christmas has been cancelled this year, so don’t buy anything from suppliers.

Meanwhile, your neighbours may have bought most or all of their presents from their neighbour this year – send them a message to see if they could reuse things to create a Christmas edition, like this boat which could tide them over.

6. Rolling scarves

Not your traditional snowflake, but stylish. The Australian Turf Foundation has set up this campaign and the sale has just kicked off.

While you may have left aside your scarves for a while this year, make sure you donate them instead of going to landfill.

As a final tip – if you’re celebrating Christmas in 2020, but not on a Christmas Day, try to keep the party going through November with an Amazon Boxing Day sale to enjoy.

If you’re not experiencing this year, there are still options to enjoy traditional Christmas celebrations and up your usual festivities.

For more information about this season, visit their webpage.

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