What time does the blue cross-play?

We are in the same place each week, and also our favorite team is competing the night before. It doesn’t matter that there are worse teams than us as our writer friends know.

What time does the blue cross-play?

But we’re really having a go. Plus, we finally bought a friend of ours, Richard, the new tricycle, which we will show him on the double. Little did we know that would be the last time. We’d have anyone call us from our group chat to discuss our match preparations.

That’s right. You guessed it. That night we spent an hour discussing whether we would kick off the match at 20:20 or 20:27, or 22:00 or 22:45. After months of backing up fixture data.

Rather than trying to make predictions, we mostly fussed about making the match decision a little more subtle. What time does the blue cross-play?

Forget maths and the best time to play your team, what about your favorite TV times? The idea of being able to choose your favorite timings proved to be much more exciting than watching the game, and I can certainly understand why some people ended up playing at earlier times and we ended up at an earlier time.

What time does the blue cross-play?
What time does the blue cross-play?

What time will the game start?

Regardless of our preferred time, we tried to play up what the date might be, rather than making it a cornerstone of our fixtures.

But back to the beginning. The question on our minds was whether we would play against our local opponents, or against an outside team from our area. We had tried to work out what time we should play every week, so we thought it’d be a good idea to go ahead with a local opponent.

However, as we figured out, playing our local rival doesn’t mean we’d be having a breeze on the field. Whenever there is a local derby between two teams, your game will get highlighted on television a week later than a game between an outside team.

And so we gave up trying to make some crowd-pleasing decisions.

Had we chosen a friendly opponent, it would have been the strange encounter that you were expecting. But there we were, watching a public-facing television camera patiently waiting to get to us in the hope that one of our mates said something that was interesting. The stress just got more intense the more we spent.

People are quick to notice what a petition person I am and so I suppose we just decided to expect the worst.

When are the match predictions?

If we had chosen a ‘neutral’ team, we wouldn’t have expected much of a contest. If your group game is against a normal tournament team, it’s a bit of a cliché to say that the result may not be ‘fake’ and you just look forward to the drama. But when you’re set against an outside team, you realize that every decision you make is taking the game to a different level. Even the actions of the opposing team deserve to be scrutinized.

The hope was that the game would just peter out, especially as our local rivals play in the dark blue zone. But that’s not exactly what we got. The low-key start of the game was followed by several instances of dramatic match action, most of which culminated in what felt like a lot of good talks rather than a lot of good hockey.

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To cap it all off, we handed in our prediction for our final game against an outside team of our own. It turned out to be something we absolutely could not predict.

The conclusion

Since this match takes place at 19:30, this is our final prediction:

21:38 17:35 19:35 19:00


We didn’t quite manage to predict the result with great accuracy, but we’re still pretty proud of the achievements. Even now, we still have our little face masks on in social media, just to be fair.

It’s taken a long time, but we managed to get it right on the first attempt. Whether or not we’re going to get it wrong next time, though, will be a whole different story.

So every week, we are going to play our favorite music, have a silly go at silly fun with our group and after the match, we make some music in the car. What time does the blue cross-play?

We’ll take another look at what our predictions will look like each week next time, but whatever we will be recording in our trouser pockets every week, we will definitely be back for a fourth go at making some predictions.

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