United we stand divided we fall story of with image

This is a story about America (at least what I hope it is).

There are precious few books I have read, which cover the heart of American society. In an attempt to explain its true nature. As well as providing a deeper understanding of the sad fact. That we are not a good country united as one people.

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United we stand divided we fall story of with image

Furthermore, there are many movies and shows, which depict American society as something that. It may be referred to as a highly-guarded force. A treasure lying sealed within the crust of the face of a nation.

It is a nation of immigrants (just look at our numbers!). A country at the time when people were fleeing wars and poverty. The nation that declared independence with much more than a common vision. Coming out of slavery and emancipation, the nation of laws. Philosophy, a nation of extreme love, strength, unity, and loyalty.

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How exactly can one explain this living entity we must struggle to survive? If a tiny percentage of our population is poorly off. It is our responsibility to help them or their children by whatever means possible. This will not be considered politically incorrect.

However, this country has also marked itself by violence, infringement of rights, greed, the desertion of the young and the old, the exploitation of our environment (for the past decades we have neglected our environment and therefore at some stage, it will collapse), racism, sexism, prejudice, hatred, and animal cruelty and greed.

United we stand divided we fall story of with image
United we stand divided we fall story of with image

Why, despite the calling of the American government to use its power in favor of the poor and disadvantaged, have we been the reverse?

But, I think there is a different explanation: Americans.

We, as a nation have rarely allowed people in need to simply stop waiting, to be assisted in a logical way rather than engage in an overwhelming struggle, to be kept waiting even longer.

This nation has been found so strongly opposed, in all its forms and shapes, and has so many tendencies and flaws which it will most definitely have in its future, that it is now time to discover those who could win this bitter fight and bring things back to a balance.

Trump as our President is a prime example of a politician whose abilities are the opposite of the Americans’ tradition, however, he has created a palpable reaction among the many of us, which is the strong reaction that will define the future of this country as well as its society.

That is because we are all divided.

Where the American identity began, where were its founders, and where have its most important historical events, where was their inspiration, and how come we did not create many wonderful leaders through our nation?

We have lost a great number of leaders through the Trump Administration, the environmental crisis, the plague of disease, or big war, and we have done well during the past year with a handful of outstanding leaders.

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Let us have those leaders, let us appeal to their character and compassion.

Until our country has that fact, like a frog, our nation will reach the boiling point. And we may need no inspiration or inspiration to do as this society, and that it intends to do. United we stand divided we fall story of with image

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