Red sox-Yankees 2021 – Red sox schedule 2021

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Red sox-Yankees 2021

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The “Most Anticipated” matchup between the Red Sox and Yankees may be officially canceled. But surely New Yorkers will continue to look forward to this eagerly awaited Big Apple showdown.

It’s been an interesting season for the two American franchises, whose New York-area natives have had a large home game pattern in effect for the last 8 days.

After some renovations to Fenway, the Red Sox had a BIG game where they traveled to New York for a three-game series. But after an interesting display of the new Mookie Betts, J.T. Realmuto, and right now Yankees superstar Giancarlo Stanton backpedaled off his season-opening hit, my bet was a “usual” in this story.

But alas, nothing went the way we had expected. And no one anticipated it more than the Red Sox or the Yankees.

Red sox schedule 2021

As I mentioned above, it was a pretty exciting series before the beginning of May, just a few days after their exhibition contest.

The total score was over four games with 13 runs in the final nail-biting win by the Red Sox.

After those two exciting games in front of a loyal customer base of over 50 million people, the national social media feedback was extremely overwhelming. Including everyone from families that were on the street to score tickets to watch the teams themselves in the real game, but even if you weren’t a fan of either team.

Red sox-Yankees 2021

Red sox-Yankees 2021

So it was expected and it was expected to be a good one. A win for the Red Sox, who are desperate to rise to the ladder and win a World Series title.

Red sox-Yankees prediction

However, something went wrong. And now that the Red Sox have lost their number one pitcher at home game two and now their regular starter is in tests after Tuesday, I was worried that this unlikely story would be finished and come to an end.

After news last night, I was a little unsure about if the Red Sox won or if the Yankees actually captured the number one slot. But the only thing that can easily be canceled in the world is the schedule. And I didn’t take any chances with the usual play between these two teams.

After the rain started to fall last night during the Giants game, Yankee fans were excited for their chance to watch the Sox on Monday. However, I’m sure it didn’t take a whole lot of surprise from Yankees fans to see the Red Sox winning this affair.

Then, the news from our own Dave Dombrowski himself came that the Red Sox lost their primary pitcher’s performance on Monday night.

Red Sox Yankees Schedule

And now, the new pitcher of the Red Sox is just coming up to the Red Sox. Next Monday in Oakland.

So for the Sox, the losing numbers one and number two can’t help but be an eye-opener. The whole aura of the game is now taken into consideration. And just to prove the skeptics wrong, the team has vowed to be aggressive, make it hard on the other team, and rely on the small size of the diamond that’s working in their favor.

And now they have an ace in their lineup. This whole story has put pressure on the Red Sox to be more aggressive and to display more of their potential which has been proven before but Monday night, their main lineup proved that they were, indeed ready to give the Red Sox the challenge.

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