Lionel Messi gana el Balón de Oro 2021


Lionel Messi gana el Balón de Oro 2021

I attended the Celesia celebration of the people at the Balón Sports Complex in Alcorcon, a suburb north of Buenos Aires. I also attended the off-site program organized by the town to continue the festivities hosted earlier. It is widely known for its highly successful organs OSS de la Cancion of films and music. Many say it is Argentina’s biggest cultural event. It is taking place this August and September of 2021.

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Mr. Diego Calle is a spokesperson for Team Messi and I saw one of the only people who were wearing a Messi jersey today, in the large people representing Tevez’s team in the stands. He spoke about the legendary Argentine and I let him put his hands on my shoulder.

Lionel Messi gana el Balón de Oro 2021

Lionel Messi gana el Balón de Oro 2021

That was me among those wearing the tailor-made Messi jersey for 2020, in honor of the EFEA business level foundation that contributed generously to Argentina’s institutional debt along with inviting opponents to help:

But for 2021, the official jerseys that will be sold for fans by La Red Argentina have become available online with prices ranging from 199,692 Argentine pesos (over $2500), to 910 million pesos (just over $45,000).

It is a special occasion even without seeing the much better kits, with both the VIP and the Sportnet sets of shirts featuring the marquee number that has been worn by Messi ever since his arrival in Argentina:

After I have invested in the kit, I can’t buy it at the stadium. What could I do? We can’t travel with that type of money. When I first came in the 1990s, I was in university and the city did offer modest grants. I remember as a kid, there was a saloon where you could sit and read free magazine papers.

There is also a large exhibition of Messi memorabilia where artisans have creations of, for, him. The avian paintings are good and placed proudly outside the exhibition hall:

There were also smaller sites all over town and at these ones, Messi adorned the many hats with his own picture in black and white.

I’m waiting for his hat to be protected and this of a custom hat, made with his signature as the king made.

The ever-dependable girls’ clothing outlet Balon has all the Messi items, from Roman-style gowns to T-shirts, to t-shirts (in just a few numbers) and down to suits and sport shirts. I’m waiting for them to send a glove to us!

The place of the kids in this celebration is well displayed where the Señorza takes the place of the Team Messi and helps them with their masks during the ceremony. The never-ending cases of ultra-fast reflexes are important. The Señorza is a special person, but I got to see that she was learning English very fast when I helped her.

It is a time to be safe. There are papers above the edge of the walls, printed in large, gorgeous fonts. When I was translating by looking at the images, I asked why such drawings are on the walls so that children will understand. What does it represent? There are also individual pictures of Messi with his wife Antonella. There is a grandfather teaching his grandson how to act.

What I like about this situation is that the children and the adults do respect the essence of order. They have learned to live in a way that clearly allows others to work and have a safe space.

Part of a big palapa in the center, there is an opening. Kids in their Halloween costumes want to enter and it seems that there is something scary about it. I wonder. What is the danger?

It is perfect for Friday’s party. Everyone has a costume and everyone is open to having fun. The kids will be performing as well. It is a safe place, but for adults on this holiday — a good thing.

As we have an event of independence day, people dress to have fun in it. The aim is that their costumes are a continuation of the country’s path of celebrations, but also identify with their country and their people. One can easily know and feel that people have respect for their country and people. This kind of connection is not just one for the project. It is a unique thing that is worth enjoying and that moves me.

Mock La Red

I ended this article with a link to the very classic animation La Real Argentina’s dog Giata Sábado (“The Dog plays soccer”). It is very funny and also shows their loyalty.

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