How much does Jeff Bezos make a day from amazon?


How much does Jeff Bezos make a day from amazon?

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Thank you for reading this blog post. There are quite a lot of topics that I may have missed but hopefully, I shared my thoughts.

What are the best online marketing strategies for Amazon?

The hottest service in Amazon’s time is Prime Video. In 2011, it became the first online streaming service in the United States to reach 10 million subscribers.

At present, Prime Video has around 60 million subscribers. Compare this with Netflix’s 65 million subscribers, Facebook’s 500 million, Google’s 900 million, Instagram’s 600 million, Yahoo’s 900 million, and Reddit’s 70 million.

You may wonder what are the strategies that best work for Jeff Bezos, head of Amazon. That is possible. Let’s review each one.

How much does jeff Bezos make a day from amazon?
How much does Jeff Bezos make a day from amazon?

1. Domain Name Fertilization.

Amazon has now managed to rent out content to other online video makers. For example, Netflix was able to use Amazon’s content to make its service more unique. Of course, Prime Video is still a more unique service than Netflix, but I am sure we can name many more services that would be less unique as Amazon is a big online retailer, with plenty of products with lower prices. Therefore, it is easier to buy or buy through a web domain that people are already familiar with.

2. Own content.

Have you noticed that you cannot find the Amazon Prime Now service in many browser locations? In France, you can just click “handle” in the top right corner of a webpage and of course, the product “Amazon Prime Now” appears immediately.

However, you can find Prime Now as an add-in search result in your browser that has an additional content page.

In my opinion, owning content is the best way to scale. Amazon owns a lot of content and, along with people’s knowledge, Amazon can improve the marketing of its own product. For instance, after new products go on sale, they come with a question mark button on their website with a link to the order form.

That link prompts the user to read or start the purchase flow of that product and is a new source of generating a product’s customer’s engagement, which is extremely important.

3. Social Media Marketing

Amazon owns 45 million accounts in its Facebook group called customers. What I want to highlight here is “You are not alone”. Customers also ask about news and comment on blogs and YouTube videos about Amazon products.

In the same way, any user can post their own review on the company’s website and compare it with other users. I really love this strategy as it attracts traffic and also increases the browsing experience.

4. Influencer Marketing

Amazon’s products are usually from high-quality products and the products I bought every time are from Amazon itself. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most of the purchases are from Amazon itself. Furthermore, Amazon’s website can be very confusing. Therefore, it is easy to recommend a recommendation about something that is better suited to the user.

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