How does Turnitin work – Turnitin score – how to use Turnitin

 How does Turnitin work

Turnitin is a global plagiarism detection tool. It scans content for similarities to other works and then returns that information to the user. 

How does Turnitin work

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There are two ways that the software can compare the submitted work with other content. It can scan for matching sentences or it can scan for matching phrases. The matching is done by searching for patterns of words and phrases, not just specific words or sequences of words.

The software is not designed to detect if the text has been copied exactly, but rather if it resembles another text enough to warrant investigation by a human reader. The goal is to help students avoid plagiarizing work and save educators time so they can focus on higher-level tasks like teaching rather than policing student’s work.

Turnitin score

Turnitin is an online plagiarism detection software that is used in various educational institutions.

The Turnitin service creates a digital footprint of submitted work for teachers, students, and administrators. The company’s patented technology scans millions of documents on the internet to detect similarities with submitted content. A similarity report of matching content is generated for the teacher to assist in determining potential sources of plagiarism.

How to use Turnitin

Turnitin is a global education technology company that helps educators measure the originality of their student’s written work.

The software analyses student papers for any matches with millions of other pieces of text in its own database. If it finds a match, it alerts the teacher, so they can decide if the student plagiarised or not.

The system also includes Word Count to track word usage and document comparisons to detect paraphrases and phrases that may have been copied from elsewhere.

What is Turnitin

Turnitin provides students with the opportunity to check the originality of their own writing against substantial holdings of the published content.

The software also helps instructors who are looking for ways to increase student engagement, identify teaching best practices, and provide students with feedback on their work.

Turnitin, com

Turnitin is a service that provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

It has a database of more than 10 billion unique papers and uses a system of in-depth analysis to detect instances of text matching in order to identify potential cases of plagiarism.

Turnitin also provides an online learning platform that helps educators develop their own teaching practices through courses on how to use Turnitin with students.

In addition, it offers copyediting features for instructors who want feedback on their written assignments before they release them for grading.

WWW Turnitin

Turnitin’s mission is to provide teachers with what they need to decrease the amount of plagiarism in student papers.

Students use Turnitin to check their work against other sources, educators use it to help them teach responsible research and writing through the process of detecting, preventing, and grading student plagiarism. 

Turnitin free trial

The service also provides a powerful system for managing the entire writing process from beginning to end.

The service can be used in different ways by different types of users. It has both free and premium features that are available for you to explore.

Turnitin similarity score

A similarity score is a number that evaluates how similar a student’s paper is to the papers in

The similarity score is calculated by comparing the text of a student’s paper to the text of papers in and giving it an index rating between 0 and 1.

Turnitin sign up

Turnitin is a citation and Plagiarism Checker with a similarity score. This similarity score is based on the number of words in the original text and the number of words in the submitted text.

This will give you an idea of how much plagiarized content is left in your paper. The lower this number, the less content that comes from outside sources and will be more unique to you.

Turnitin similarity report

The similarity score is calculated by Turnitin based on the number of matched words, matched sentences, and matched paragraphs. This will give you an idea of how close your text is to the original.

If it is too close, then there may be plagiarism. This will depend on how strict your instructor is with the use of plagiarism.


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