Have they just added the cricket and insect noises in?


Have they just added the cricket and insect noises in?

When people are asked what they’re most excited about getting in the new year, it’s not always their favorite activity. But, we all want to start off the year with some joy and have those things that make us feel good, especially after a difficult year like 2020 has been. So, when you find out from your friends/family/neighbors/others that a cricket game or two is on the cards for you this New Year’s Eve, I can tell you, there’s no better way to end an incredibly stressful year than by enjoying yourself as much as possible (and having fun doing so).

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Here’s another little thing: there’s nothing wrong with adding the insects’ noise to the mix too; it might just add some more interest to what you have planned for this evening. Hopefully, by the time you get home, your family will be looking forwards to hearing the sound of crunching grass and squeaking frogs again at the same time (or will even get up to use them if they’re in the room). After all, both sounds are equally pleasant (I mean seriously!).

There is something kind of magical

About watching someone put together a brilliant plan for how you can enjoy your 2021 without leaving your room, and also enjoy the company you get from such a group effort. What better way than this! It doesn’t matter what type of games you play or who (if anyone) is part of your celebrations; making sure this last-minute change isn’t just a “big, bold announcement” is a great way to make sure everyone gets whatever they want for this evening’s festivities. If it’s going to seem like chaos and madness this year, then why not give these annoying mosquitoes a turn too? You never know what you’ll discover!

So, as soon as you leave each other’s houses and head into the dark streets of London on Thursday, January 1st, the world should begin to close down around you and take notice. Who knows what discoveries await you, whether you choose to spend it alone in a beautiful city center, or perhaps you decide to invite the rest of your family over for some fun night out? My theory is a bit different, though. While there are plenty of reasons for you to celebrate the midnight moment, it wouldn’t do well if you didn’t also acknowledge the possibility of bringing joy that comes with it all. From there, you can plan the best memories ever- that could include a lovely meal cooked by that special person in your life who only wants to bake every day.

Or maybe you opt for a peaceful walk in front

The famous Eiffel Tower to appreciate the stunning views and let the wind rustle its hair and blow itself through your ears. This being New Year’s Eve, you can enjoy this beautiful landscape with as many layers of decorations and lights as you like. If you need to get some shopping done, you can go back to where you came from, but you don’t have to worry about the crowds outside, because you’re simply out in the open air. Now that everything is gone back to normalcy, you could even try to enjoy the wonderful experience of having a few drinks with that special sparky stranger in your heart who has had a fantastic 2020 and is looking forward to 2021 because he thinks you look really.

Have they just added the cricket and insect noises in?
Have they just added the cricket and insect noises in?

By now, you must probably already feel exhausted after an epic day, in which you were told you won that job and that it was the best one yet. Well, that’s a whole lot worse when someone else tells you about this cockroach race and you go out into the street to see if you can beat him. There’s something quite disturbing about seeing this man beating his competition every minute to the point of not caring about anything else apart from feeling like absolute trash at the sight of this poor creature.

As for me, after hearing all this information about this insect race,

I instantly thought about my own performance, because the poor guy was losing at what he was trying to achieve. Maybe I can join him and share some excitement with him by playing along with my cockroach race. We’ll have a laugh, watch as he struggles to reach the top of the ladder (or climb out of the crawlspace in the first place), and hopefully, I will finish second (or fourth, or fifth, or sixth) of this cruel critter competition. However, I think it’s not worth my energy – this race is pointless, and I can’t join him or help him lift that ludicrous trophy. At least not right now.

If you’re like me, or you’re looking for someone to watch you watch while you relax and enjoy your leisurely evening, then the answer is yes, you’ve got me. Don’t hesitate too long though, because here’s another question: are you ready to learn about insects who love to live in burrows? Yes, I mean, if you happen to be, then you’re definitely thinking about asking me!

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