Crossky is the BEST DIY Slime for Kids!

Crossky is the BEST DIY Slime for Kids!


It’s the perfect little collection of different kinds of homemade slimes recipes. Learn to make your own slime with 4 easy slime science kids.


Crossky is the BEST DIY Slime for Kids!

What is slime?


Slime is a sticky gooey substance with big thin lines in it. Like, if you took a bowl of yellow and added a glass of water to it, it’d be the same colour and water would flow through it. Why is slime so good? Slime is made up of a lot of things that are incredibly easy to use and highly useful. 

You can mix a slime and glue it and it would be the same consistency of glue – you can also use your hands and make shapes and so on. And then you can hit it with some water and it’ll harden up into a solid, non-sticky form that you can work with. So what kind of slime can kids make? Slime recipes are specific to kids because they have a very simple set of ingredients to work with.


The perfect crossky recipe for kids


2. Glow in the dark slime for kids This is the perfect slime for kids who love the colour of the dark. Add some dry ice to the middle and add some glowing neon glitter. Add the ingredients of salt, vinegar and corn starch. Have some fun with this easy crossky slime recipe. 

Easy crossky slime 3. DIY rainbow slime This is a fun and easy to make slime that everyone can enjoy. Add various colours to the slime-like lime green, orange, yellow and blue. Add some glitter if you like. You can watch the video for more tips on how to make this unique homemade slime. DIY rainbow slime 4. 

Watermelon crossky slime This one is a great crossky recipe for kids because it looks great and is delicious to eat. Add some gel food colouring for the children and wait for the magic to happen.


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The best homemade slime recipes


and it’s all from Australia! You get to see them all and make them for your children, which you can then display for them to enjoy. DIY slime science experiments They are made of safe ingredients and are suitable for children as young as 3 years old, that’s how easy they are to make! 

They are made from the stuff you already have in your house (and kids love). You don’t have to go anywhere for them or buy anything extra, and you can do it all for under $10. They are made to be messy.




It’s not always easy for children to understand and want to get involved in science. Since there are many materials we have to use, it can be a bit frustrating at first, but it is worth it. 

In In the end, they will learn how to do this or that and feel proud to say they are involved in science. In conclusion, today’s idea is just a small sample of what we have to offer to our customers. 

You can find new recipes every day! Make sure you don’t miss out on anything! Discover new DIY Slime Science in today’s Science Website! Looking for more STEM articles and projects to spark your interest? 

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