3 Advantages of an 18in Ring Light: Things You Didn’t Know

3 Advantages of an 18in Ring Light: Things You Didn’t Know

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Neewer Ring Light Kit:18″/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Carrying Bag for Camera, Smartphone, YouTube. 18 inches Big LED Ring Light.

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3 Advantages of an 18in Ring Light: Things You Didn't Know


  1. LED technology is Better than T8 bulbs When looking for the best light option for your camera, you’re first going to use one of the best-LED ring lights on the market: a ring light.
  2. A ring light is a simple metal ring with an LED placed in the middle of the ring.
  3. You can place your camera just above the ring, facing directly down or at a slight angle away from the ring, and you’re getting a bright lamp, with a 5500K light source.
  4. With 4200K and 5000K light sources, you can have both warm light, as well as the white light necessary for shooting at night.
  5. You can purchase a bare ring light and a hard shell carrying case for a few bucks, or you can get an 18″/48cm diameter, 55W/5500K ring light for a couple hundred bucks.


  • When taking a picture with the camera and LED ring, there’s a possibility that the light is too bright on your face, and so the picture is just a pale blotch of black with a blurry rainbow halo.
  • So be careful when using it. You can also accidentally turn your shadow a bright white! Because it has 3 LEDs instead of 4.
  • The light is good for most lighting situations, but if you’re out in the desert you might want to try a 4 LED model if you want the LED ring to have more intensity.
  • When placing it in front of you to take a picture, be careful. Because it’s so big, it may scare someone in the shot.

What to look for in an 18in ring light

  1. Color – Dimmable LED LED – AWG 4 LED Technology – 1200nm OLED (OLED is LED technology used to create liquid crystal displays.
  2. The advantage is that it doesn’t give out any light, it’s extremely hard to burn anything) LED Lamp – 100 lm Light – LED ring light. 18 inches/48 cm Big Ring Light. LED Light Color – Color Changing, White, Blue, Green, Red LED Ring Light Price – P4.
  3. 200 Do not over-drive LED Ring Light with over 100lm because it is better to see the full effect when set to 55 lm. LED Light Power Consumption – under 100 lm.

Conclusion: This is the best LED ring light you will get your hands on in the market. It comes with many cool features and colors. It’s perfect for both photography and videography purposes.


With a ring light, you are free to light any space you like. With this kit, you’ll be able to photograph any scene at different angles in daylight and night.

The size and quality of this kit make it easier to move around with the ring light around the room or take it with you wherever you go. Also, the different lighting effects this kit makes possible makes it possible to portray your subjects.

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Another pro of this ring light kit is that it is weather resistant. It can withstand rain, dust, and other weather-related problems. Neewer gives us another reason to get this 18in LED ring light for our camera bag. At the time of writing, the item was offered at a discounted price of $10.10. At $10.10, you can’t beat the discount value. The purchase price is $26.

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